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February 21, 2011

Click here to see a film by Nowness following Facehunter creator Yvan Rodic as he roams the streets of New York, bumps into Terry Richardson, and reveals the secret to catching his eye.

The Swiss-born, London-based Rodic got his start five years ago snapping attendees at art openings in Paris.

“I realized I had a collection of portraits and decided to post them online, as I thought there might be interest in real people,” says Rodic. His trumpeting of authentic individuality quickly caught on with fashion enthusiasts across the globe, and his site helped to pioneer the street style genre as a blogging business.

These days, Facehunter is a regular fixture at fashion week but Rodic also “hunts” in less expected locales such as São Paulo, Oslo and Reykjavik, photographing compelling strangers for his site and his weekly column in UK newspaper the Observer.

“With street style you are a flâneur. You meet someone, create a connection, get a special shot and you are the only one,” he says, adding, “Fashion week is like speed dating.”

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