Check Out

August 9, 2011

It’s not easy to paint a telling picture of a place as big and as diverse as New York City. Zoom out via satellite for an aerial view, and you sacrifice detail. Zoom in with Google Earth, and you’re stuck with static images. Neither approach captures the shifting, seething, kooky, creative lives of the inhabitants of the five boroughs anyway.

But what if you could explore the Big Apple block by block — all 90,000 of them — through captivating videos filmed right on site? That’s the idea behind, a new video-mapping website that invites residents, tourists and videographers to upload clips they’ve taken on the streets of New York to an interactive online map of the city — and lets the rest of us get in on the action.
“These days everyone has a video camera in their pocket, whether it’s a cell phone or digital camera, and all these little vernacular moments have been surfacing online,” says filmmaker Alex Kalman, co-founder of the site.

“We wanted to give them a place where they would add up to say something bigger.”

Because MyBlockNYC is still so new, there are clips for only about 1,000 blocks so far, most of them in Manhattan; that leaves 80,000 blocks as yet unaccounted for.

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