Calvin Klein Opens Up

October 31, 2011

No subject was out of bounds when Calvin Klein sat down with Fern Mallis, the latest in her Fashion Icons series.

In the rare public appearance, the designer was surprisingly candid, opening up about his ejection from a Knicks game in 2003, launching Kate Moss’s career, and his daughter’s sex life.

On his big break

I took a little room at the York Hotel. One day the general merchandise manager from Bonwit Teller walked in. He said, “On Saturday you will show the clothes to president Mildred Custin.” And he said, “You will then have been discovered.” I promise you this is exactly what happened.

On the Knicks incident

I struggled with addiction and lots of people do. That was really a shameful, horrible moment. It had nothing to do with work. Addiction is not caused by stress on the job. You’re always aware that this is something you don’t want to do, whether it’s drugs, sex, food. There are lots of addictions.

On advice for young designers

You have to be convincing. Even if you’re not confident, act as though you are confident. That is the only way you can convince people to believe in what you believe in.

On Kate Moss

A lot of women were getting breast implants and doing things to their buttocks. I just found something so distasteful about all that. I wanted someone who was natural, always thin. I was looking for the complete opposite of that glamour type that came before Kate.

On his relationship with his daughter

She was quoted in Time or Newsweek to something of the effect of, “Every time I go to bed with some guy, I’m looking at my dad’s name on their underwear.”

On his new love

I’m in a relationship. I fell in love with a young man who is a total athlete. I am now experiencing life in a whole new way, in a fresh way, through someone’s eyes who hasn’t seen the life that I’ve seen.

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